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Exercise/Fitness-Related Injuries and Conditions

Every sport requires a general level of fitness that can inlcude agility, flexibility, coordination and strength. While it is important for everyone to do regular exercise, athletes should strive to maintain the right level of fitness in order to excel and avoid injury.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional athlete, the following tips can help reduce your chance of sustaining a serious sports injury:

  • Get a pre-season physical to check for any health issues prior to training.
  • Increase your flexibility by performing a dynamic warm-up prior to practice and competition followed by static stretching post activity.
  • Consult with a coach or physical therapist about how to incorporate appropriate strength and conditioning training into your practice schedule.
  • Wear protective equipment (i.e. mouth guards, helmets, heart guards, pads, eye wear) as well as gear that is properly fitted.
  • Maintain use of proper technique while training and competing.
  • Stay active during the off-season so that you are prepared to return to your regular training regimen later in the year.
  • Stayed hydrated to avoid fatigue, muscle cramps, dizziness and other symptoms.
  • Take periodic breaks during practice and plan to take at least one day off each week to rest and recover.
  • Pause your activity if you feel pain and discuss it with a doctor, physical therapist or athletic trainer.

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