Clinical Research Administration

Mission Statement

Clinical Research Administration is dedicated to supporting, fostering, and ensuring safe, compliant and scientifically valuable patient-oriented clinical research at HSS.


Clinical Research Administration will provide services to facilitate all functions from clinical trial design conception through to a final contract and submission to the IRB, to study execution and closeout.

Clinical Research Administration (CRA) functions as a support team, providing clinical research investigators services including, but not limited to:

  • Project development
  • Contract negotiations for industry-funded studies
  • Budget development, as needed, and negotiations
  • Voucher creation for your individual studies
  • CRP and IRB Administrative review prior to submission of your clinical protocol
  • Internal monitoring for your research studies
  • Monthly education seminars for the research coordinator community

CRA is committed to providing exemplary service, oversight, support, and educational training in the conduct of human subjects’ research. As research evolves, CRA too continues to evolve in an effort to accommodate our clinical investigators, making the administrative and regulatory process as seamless as possible and encouraging further research at our institution.

Contact Information

Tzipora Kuba, PhD
Director, Clinical Research Administration

Charles Castel
IRB Administrator

Lucie Koppelman
IRB Administrator

Barbara Bosco, RN, BSN, CCRC
Manager, Clinical Review Panels

Patricia Salazar
IRB Administrative Assistant

Our clinical research managers facilitate project development, contract negotiations and budget development for various studies based on services. Listed below are the managers and their appropriate service areas.

Eileen McCullagh, RN, ONC, CCRC
Manager, Clinical Research Administration
• Rheumatology
• Rehabilitation
• Arthroplasty
• Foot and Ankle
• Hip/Knee
• Surgical Arthritis
• Skeletal Dysplasias
• Limb Lengthening
• Metabolic Bone
• Physiatry
• Trauma
• Nursing
• Pediatric Orthopedics

Celeste Abjornson, PhD
Director, Spinal Research
• Pediatric Spine and Scoliosis
• Adult Spine

Sherrie Vassallo
Director, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service Research
• Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service

Rich Fleury
Executive Director
Department of Radiology
• Radiology

Quynh Tran
Clinical Research Coordinator, Department of Hand and Upper Extremity
• Hand and Upper Extremity Service

Carey Ford
Clinical Research Manager, Department of Anesthesia
• Anesthesia

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