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Rehabilitation in the Hospital - Surgical Guide To Right Posterior Total Hip Replacement (Modified/Pose Avoidance)

Your rehabilitation program will begin once you are medically stable and there are orders from your doctor to begin postoperative mobility. Everyone will begin rehabilitation within 24 hours of surgery.

It is critical to understand that motivation and participation in your physical therapy program is a vital element in the success of your surgery and your overall recovery. It is imperative that you play an active role in your recovery and rehabilitation from the start!

The physical therapist will assist you in the following activities:

  • Sitting at bedside with your feet on the floor.
  • Transferring in and out of bed safely.
  • Walking with the aid of a device (walker, cane or crutches).
  • Climbing stairs.

Beginning to Walk

Your therapist will assist you in sitting up with your feet over the bedside with feet resting on the floor. You will then stand with the use of a walker and the continued help of your therapist.

As the days progress, you will increase the distance and frequency of walking. Most patients progress to a straight cane, walker or crutches within a couple of days after surgery.

Call Don't Fall
Always make sure to ring your call bell for nursing or physical therapy staff for assistance getting in and out of bed.

  • A staff member must remain within your reach while maintaining your privacy and dignity during patient toileting.

Looking Ahead

Before leaving the Hospital, you will be instructed in a home exercise program.

Remember, YOU Make the Difference!

Your participation in a physical therapy program is essential to the success of your surgery. The more committed and enthusiastic you are, the quicker your improvement will be.