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Positioning After Right Foot or Ankle Surgery

HSS Rehabilitation has prepared this material to help guide you through your recovery after your foot or ankle surgery. If you have more specific questions, please contact your physician or physical therapist.

Lying position

  1. The primary resting position is lying down with the foot elevated. 
  2. Try to elevate the foot above the level of your heart. 
  3. Keep your leg supported. 
  4. Avoid placing weight directly on your heel

Photo of a woman lying on a sofa using pillows to elevate her right foot above the level of her heart

Sitting position

  1. Minimize sitting time as much as possible to limit swelling. 
  2. When sitting, elevate your leg as tolerated. 
  3. Do not allow your leg to dangle downwards for too long. 

Photo of a woman sitting in a chair correctly with her right leg elevated and resting on a second chair  Photo of a woman sitting incorrectly with her right foot on the floor and not elevated as instructed