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What will Gordon Hayward's rehab look like? A step-by-step breakdown

USA Today—October 23, 2017

USA Today featured Robert DiGiacomo PT, DPT, ATC, senior director of the HSS Sports Rehabilitation Center, in an article about Boston Celtics basketball player Gordon Hayward’s rehabilitation plan after surgery. According to the article, Hayward suffered a dislocated ankle and a fractured tibia.

DiGiacomo, who is not involved in Hayward’s rehab, said that the early stages of physical therapy will include soft-tissue intervention, manual therapy and other techniques to loosen the ankle.

"At each stage, you have some measurable milestone you’d like him to hit, and you get him to the point where he can get back to basketball-related activities," DiGiacomo said.

In addition to physical goals, DiGiacomo said that satisfying the athlete’s mental needs are just as important. "You need to tell them where you’d like to see them get to next. They need that next goal because they’re goal-oriented people," he said.

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