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HSS Opens Patellofemoral Center of Excellence

Orthopedics This Week—August 17, 2016

Orthopedics This Week announced the opening of Hospital for Special Surgery‚Äôs Patellofemoral Center of Excellence, which provides care to patients with patellofemoral disorders who have been misdiagnosed or not offered a full range of treatment options. The center is led by HSS sports medicine surgeons, Beth E. Shubin Stein, MD, and Sabrina M. Strickland, MD, who discuss different aspects of the center and what goes into treating patients with knee instability or arthritis.

Dr. Strickland explains, "As patellofemoral injuries can be conditions that a lot of people may not necessarily be aware of, or may go misdiagnosed by others, one challenge is trying to anticipate what questions to ask to identify patients for this center. A lot of information is at our fingertips so we just needed to pull it all together in a cohesive way."

Dr. Shubin Stein adds, "We are happy to see any patient whether they have been treated operatively in the past or not."

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