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Cause Walking: How to Protect Your Feet Before, During and After the Event

IPFH.org—September 3, 2015

Are you participating in any cause walks this fall? Whether it's your first cause walk or if you're a seasoned pro, this is a great way to help raise money while staying in shape.

Dr. Rock Positano, director and founder of the Non-surgical Foot and Ankle Service at HSS, writes in the IPFH blog how to protect your feet before, during and after the event.

"Stop walking if something happens that causes pain. For example, if you suddenly develop very bad cramping so severe you can't put your foot down, or every time your heel hits the ground you're experiencing pain, not only in your heel but your ankle and your leg, then it's time to say, let's put a stop to this," said Dr. Positano. "Rest, drink some fluids and massage a cramp, if that's what's stopping you. After about 15 minutes or so, try to walk at a normal pace."

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