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People in their 20s are now getting hip replacements

New York Post—December 4, 2017

New York Post featured Robert L. Buly, MD, chief of hip preservation service at HSS, and his patient Caitlin O'Rourke in an article about the growing number of younger people who are getting hip replacements. The article reported that the majority of people who need hip replacements have arthritis, which can occur at any age.

Caitlin is a 26-year-old kindergarten teacher who was unable to sit down with her students due to hip pain. She was born with hip dysplasia and although she had numerous surgeries as a child, she knew she would need a hip replacement as an adult.

"I was terrified of how it would go, but looking back, if I knew someone my age and they were in the kind of pain I was in, I would tell them to do the surgery. I was too young to be walking the way I was," she said.

Dr. Buly said that if you are experiencing hip issues, no matter what your age, you should be open to the idea of a replacement or other hip-saving procedures.

"It may not be a life or death operation, but it’s a big quality of life operation," Dr. Buly added.

The article reported that after Caitlin had both of her hips replaced, she experienced immediate pain relief.

Read the article at nypost.com. This also appeared in the December 5, 2017 print issue.


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