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Physical Therapists Loosen Grip On Headache Pain

Northern Highlands Daily Voice—October 1, 2017

Daily Voice Northern Highlands featured Scott Siverling PT, DPT, OCS, manager at HSS Rehabilitation in Paramus, discussing how different types of headaches can be alleviated through physical therapy.

"Many headaches can be caused by neck pain and issues, which are known as cervicogenic headaches. A recent study found evidence showing that more than half of all headaches diagnosed as untreatable migraines were actually cervicogenic headaches, and were easily resolved with treatment directed at the neck," said Silverling.

Silverling explained that tension-type headaches are caused by the small muscles of the neck and shoulders. "Most often, stretching and strengthening exercises, individually prescribed by a therapist, will help alleviate this type of headache."

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