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U.S. Open: Meet three Long Islanders who aid players and fans

Newsday—August 26, 2017

In an article by Newsday, HSS sports medicine surgeon Joshua S. Dines, MD was featured as a Long Island native who helps professional tennis athletes at the U.S. Open. Originally from Southampton, Dr. Joshua Dines has been treating tennis players for years with his father, HSS sports medicine surgeon David M. Dines, MD.

"My father is a tennis player who combined love of the sport with specialty of shoulder surgery….His reputation plus his love of tennis got him involved," said Dr. Joshua Dines.

According to the article, Dr. Joshua Dines was team doctor for the U.S. Davis Cup team from 2009 to 2014, taking over from his father. He explained the common injuries tennis athletes face, such as ankle sprains and overuse injuries. He said most players can avoid surgery when treated with rest, physical therapy, cortisone injections and anti-inflammatory medicines.

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