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Ep. 7: The Career-Saving Option of ACL Repair Surgery: A Conversation with Dr. Gregory DiFelice

Mo Motion—June 12, 2017

Mo Motion The Podcast interviewed Gregory S. DiFelice, MD, an orthopedic trauma surgeon at HSS, on his new ACL reconstruction surgery, and how ACL tears affect young athletes.

"I’ve been doing this (surgery) for eight years now, I’ve done almost a hundred primary repairs, we’re running at well over 90% success rate," said Dr. DiFelice.

When discussing recovery for young athletes after surgery, Dr. DiFelice said "We'll wait nine months to a year almost routinely for these kids to get their muscles back and their sense of proprioception so that they can move better, and they go back too soon. In fact, a lot of the higher level places like here at the Hospital for Special Surgery, we try and have people go back and get a functional movement assessment where we watch you with high speed photography doing cuts and jumps and pivots, to see exactly how normalize your motion is."

Listen to the full interview at momotion.com



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