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LRI Awards Research Grant to HSS's Dr. Theresa Lu to Drive Next Generation of Scientific Discovery in Lupus

Lupus Research Institute—March 8, 2011

Theresa Lu, MDHospital for Special Surgery Pediatric Rheumatologist Theresa Lu, M.D., Ph.D., was among the recipients of awards announced today by the Lupus Research Institute (LRI) for 12 new research grants, building on its decade-long commitment to drive innovation and discover novel approaches to understand and treat one of the world's most confounding and elusive diseases – lupus.

Dr. Lu is a two-time LRI grant recipient.

Awarded for the highest-ranked creative new science, the grants span a range of topics and multi-disciplinary approaches that mirror the heterogeneity and complexity of the disease. Investigators from across the country will explore how the regulation of the immune system goes awry in lupus, how to better understand the immunological attack, and how the process can be manipulated therapeutically to correct specific manifestations that produce the tissue and organ damage that occurs in lupus.


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