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There's an Invisible Danger Behind Every Wrestling Move in 'GLOW'

Inverse—June 28, 2017

A reporter from Inverse writes about the risk of dangerous injuries for professional wrestlers when looking at a popular TV series. Patrick Vignona, PT, MSPT, SCS, Cert MDT, clinical specialist at the James M. Benson Sports Rehabilitation Center at HSS, said the risks to professional wrestling are similar to those in other high-velocity sports like football and hockey. One of the risks include traumatic brain injury.

When viewing certain crossbody and Samoan drop moves, Patrick notes "I can see a concussion happening from every single one of those moves."

According to Patrick, the dangerous part isn’t actually getting hit, it’s the rapid acceleration and deceleration that happens when a move is performed.

Patrick said that even if the tricks are coordinated, the wrestlers are still taking a huge hit and there is no risk-free way of performing them.

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