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Hospital for Special Surgery, the Leader in the Care of Sports-Related Injuries, Hosts 10th Annual Sports Medicine Symposium

New York, NY—April 5, 2016

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In an evolving sports landscape, it is important for medical professionals who regularly treat athletes to stay current on medical advances, trends and techniques to get their athletes back in the game.

Join Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) for an in-depth look into how the top sports medicine physicians in the nation treat the needs of professional athletes.

The two-day annual symposium will provide clinicians with guidance on how to care for surgical and nonsurgical patients among the sports medicine population. Topics to include: the athlete’s hip, meniscal surgery and rehabilitation of the knee, the throwing elbow and managing patellofemoral disease in the athlete.

The symposium is provided by HSS Office of Continuing Medical Education, Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Service, and is co-directed by HSS sports medicine surgeon, Anil Ranawat, MD, and HSS physical therapist and certified athletic trainer John Cavanaugh, PT, MEd, ATC, SCS.

"Medical clinicians are consistently being challenged by unique situations that arise whenever athletes take the field or court," said John Cavanaugh, PT, Med, ATC, SCS. "At HSS, we tackle these medical matters every day and work as a team to ensure each patient gets the best care possible."

The symposium will take place on April 8-9, 2016 at the Richard L. Menschel Education Center at HSS (535 East 70th Street, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10021) and will also be live-streaming online.

Consisting of seven sessions and 14 workshops, this year’s symposium includes a keynote address from Bruce A. Levy, MD, orthopedic surgeon at Mayo Clinic, on surgical workup and treatment of femoral lesions. There will also be two instructional courses.

One of the sessions, Where’s The Evidence in Sports PT?, will cover pitch counts, aquatic therapy, running mechanics and foam rolling. The session is moderated by Sherry Backus, PT, DPT, MA, clinical supervisor at The Leon Root, M.D. Motion Analysis Laboratory at HSS, and will be live streamed. Presentations will be made by:

  • Terrance Sgroi, PT, DPT, SCS, MTC
  • Sarah K. McLean, PT, MSPT, ATRIC
  • Julie Khan, PT, DPT, USATF-L1
  • Polly de Mille, RN, MA, RCEP, CSCS, USAT

HSS was designated the first U.S. Olympic National Medical Center, serves as the Official Hospital of 20 professional and collegiate sports teams and is one of only three hospitals in the nation appointed a FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence.




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