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Media Alert: Hospital for Special Surgery Holds 9th Annual Sports Medicine Symposium

New York, NY—April 15, 2015

Like most professionals, there are certain tools that an individual cannot be without when completing his/her job. For an athlete, these tools include the use of their feet, hands, legs, and/or arms. For this reason, it is important for clinicians to be well versed in current medical procedures to ensure athletes are healthy and active throughout the season.

Join Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) this weekend to get a play by play of how the top orthopedic and rheumatology hospital in the country successfully meets the medical needs of athletes while learning about the most innovative nonsurgical and surgical procedures in sports medicine today. HSS' two-day 9th Annual Sports Medicine Symposium allows clinicians to learn from leaders in the sports medicine, rehabilitation, and athletic training field.

The symposium, which is sponsored by HSS Office of Continuing Medical Education and co-directed by HSS sports medicine surgeon, Anil Ranawat, MD, and HSS physical therapist and certified athletic trainer, John Cavanaugh, PT, MEd, ATC, SCS, will include the following sessions: Shoulder instability in the contact athlete, team physicians roundtables, and return to play following ACL reconstruction.

"To have a successful season, all players need to work as a team," said John Cavanaugh, PT, Med, ATC, SCS. "Our clinicians also work together to ensure that our athletes are healthy and safe. The purpose of the symposium is to educate clinicians about the current trends in sports medicine and to incorporate those trends into patients care."

Team Physicians Panel: A discussion of Case Studies from Professional Sports – Hear from HSS Team Physicians for the following elite sports:  

Panel Moderator: Lisa R. Callahan, MD, HSS Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician and Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Player Care at Madison Square Garden Sports. 



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