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U.S. Hospital Reviews Diagnosis of Dominican Woman

Diario Libre--Dominican Republic—October 8, 2012

Twice a year the External Affairs Department of Hospital for Special Surgery publishes a magazine called Horizon. Profiled in this year's summer edition is Giselle Malespin, a female patient from the Dominican Republic. Giselle traveled to HSS for shoulder surgery after receiving an incorrect diagnosis in the Dominican Republic.

"Her doctor back home had made her condition seem more complicated and was suggesting a far more invasive surgery. I actually did a simple procedure for what I thought was a straightforward problem. I removed a piece of broken bone so that the bones wouldn't rub against each other and cause pain," said Dr. Sabrina Strickland, of Hospital for Special Surgery.

This story originally appeared at diariolibre.com

Read the original article in Horizon.


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