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13 Health Benefits of Yoga

Rodale News—September 17, 2014

A trip to the yoga studio might just be as beneficial as a trip to the doctor's office- if not more so.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who do yoga and those who don't do yoga…yet. With tons of styles of yoga, from a fast-paced vinyasa flow to easygoing restorative yoga, and just as many benefits to gain from this ancient-turned-mainstream practice, there's no reason not to do yoga (or at least just give it a try!).

Think yoga isn't for you? If you suffer from even one of these 13 health issues, we think you should reconsider your "yog-aversion."

3. Impaired Mobility

Yoga isn't only for the young and bendy. If anything, it's the stiff and immobile who can gain the most out of yoga.

A study conducted by Hospital for Special Surgery gave seniors an eight-week exercise routine that included yoga. Not only did their pain decrease, but so did their everyday mobility: 69 percent more participants could climb stairs; 83 percent more participants could bend, kneel, or stoop; and 50 percent more participants could carry or lift groceries.

This article originally appeared on rodalenews.com.


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