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A Slow Rehab Could Be Dangerous For David Price

CSN New England—March 27, 2017

CSN New England discusses the effect of an ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) surgery for Red Sox player David Price. HSS sports medicine surgeon Joshua S. Dines, MD has not examined David Price, but he comments on the effect of a UCL tear on a younger versus older pitcher. Dr. Dines also did a study with HSS sports medicine surgeon David W. Altchek, MD on pitchers who had a UCL tear and a flexor tear.

"They did not do as well as people who just had isolated UCL tears," Dines said. "We've gotten a little more sophisticated at confounding variables that may make it a little more difficult to recover. So, if you have a lot of arthritis in the elbow. If the forearm muscles, the flexor mass, which is one of the things that helps you compensate for it, if there's tearing of that as well, we know that in older patients -- we did a research study of this."

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