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HSS MoveBetter

HSS Perform gives your employees access to HSS MoveBetter, a virtual "one-stop-shop" for all of their MSK needs, including but not limited to actual treatment options.

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Health Empowerment Tools

Your team will have 24/7 access to proprietary health & wellness content developed by the top clinicians in their field.

Curriculum Includes: Wellness & Prevention, Injury and Prevention, Fitness & Performance, Ergonomics Assessment and Pre- & Post-Operative Care Education.

Content Your Way: Self-Guided Care can be delivered as is or packaged as co-branded assets.

Delivered Through: Blogs, Videos, Live & Recored Webinars

Employees gain an average of 3 days back in productivity with HSS Perform.

Care Concierge

Access to a dedicated Employer Concierge who will provide a personalized assessment, make triage recommendation and provide high-touch scheduling support with HSS clinician (as needed):

Live answer: A member of your designated team will answer each call or respond to each online request.

Convenient care: The Employer Concierge will facilitate the next step (self-care, telehealth or in-person) based on the individual's preference and clinical appropriateness.

HSS isn't just where you go for surgeries. In fact, 2/3 of all HSS patients receive non-operative care.

Onsite and Near-Site Clinics

Access to expert HSS Physical Therapists, Physiatrists and Sports Medicine doctors at your workplace or a nearby HSS clinic.

Convenience: Employees don't lose productivity by traveling to appointments.

Physicians Champion: Your organization will have a dedicated clinician(s) to provide musculoskeletal care to its employees, lead custom events such as webinars for covered lives and provide musculoskeletal thought leadership to you as an employer.

Employees save 3.2 hours in recovery time per session using HSS Physical Therapists.

Second Opinion

Access to HSS clinicians for second-opinions, inclusive of diagnosis and treatment recommendation.

Save Money & Time: Potential to reduce wasteful, unnecessary surgeries - the largest healthcare cost driver.

Employees in NY, NJ, CT and FL can be seen in-person or virtually.

The Right Answer, Now: HSS clinicians will thoroughly review medical records to ensure appropriate treatment.

Validation: Employees get the quality care they deserve at home.

Center of Excellence

Customized concierge surgery program from the #1 orthopedics hospital in the world.

Clinical superiority: You and your employees will benefit from the highest success rates and lowest complication, infection, revision, and readmission rates for complicated and expensive spine and joint replacement surgeries.

Financial value: Options including administration through your health plan, TPA, and vendor or direct contracting (including bundled payments) with HSS.

Benefits Integration: Coordination with your navigator, travel vendor and other partners. Local travel and accommodation resources and discounts.

Proven Results: 92% of HSS patients report improvement within 12 months after their treatment.

Product Pilot Opportunities

At the heart of HSS is unrivaled expertise in musculoskeletal conditions, synchronous one-on-one patient care, and an ongoing commitment to constantly innovate and do better. As our partner, your workforce will have access to new pilot products that are first and foremost rooted in clinical delivery.

Synchronous Tele-PT
Quick Access: Assessment & Triage
Onsite Clinics
Virtual MSK Urgent Care

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