Improve Your Game

Watch videos of effective exercises to prevent injury and improve performance.

Back and Neck Exercises

To warm up your back and neck, do the following exercises on the course before you begin playing. They will prepare your muscles and promote ideal mechanics to help prevent injury and improve your performance.

Perform 5 to 10 repetitions of each exercise using slow, controlled movements. Pay attention to your posture: stand up tall, and keep your abdominal muscles tight. You can use a golf club or the cart to help keep your balance if needed. Stop if you feel pain during any exercise.

  • Standing Pelvic Tilts

    Helps you assume a good golf stance

    Standing Pelvic Tilts
  • Head Turns

    Keeps your neck flexible

    Head Turns
  • Waiter's Bow

    Reinforces correct golf stance

    Waiter's Bow
  • Single Leg Balance

    Improves core strength and balance

    Single Leg Hip Hinge
  • Trunk Moving on Hips and Hip Moving on Trunk

    Improves weight shift and power transfer

    Trunk Moving on Hips and Hip Moving on Trunk
  • Arm-Hip Rotation

    Reinforces proper timing during downswing

    Arm-Hip Rotation
  • Parallel Club Swings

    Improves alignment and warms up your spine

    Parallel Club Pendulums