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We care for high-performing teams.

HSS EmployerConnect®

Streamlined access to the best musculoskeletal care for your employees and their family members

Like all patients who seek services at HSS, your employees and their family members will receive the most appropriate and highest quality of care. HSS EmployerConnect is designed to support employers to achieve their healthcare strategy.

of overall healthcare spend
for most employers is for
musculoskeletal conditions.
surgeries performed at HSS
in 2016. Higher surgical volume
leads to higher quality outcomes.
of patients receive a nonsurgical
second opinion from HSS after a
first opinion indicated surgery.

Customizable Services

Facilitated Access – We offer your employees and their dependents a simple process for making appointments with HSS physicians. Employees can request appointments online through a secure, customized, and co-branded HSS EmployerConnect portal, or by calling a dedicated toll-free number and speaking with one of our referral specialists.

HSS Onsite – HSS Onsite provides easy and convenient access to superior care at your location, so your employees can seek treatment sooner, get better faster, and experience superior outcomes. We will work with you to bring medical specialists and rehabilitation therapists to your location.

HSS eConsult – Our eConsult service provides your employees with access to an HSS second opinion without coming to an HSS facility. Because musculoskeletal problems are so costly to your company, it’s important to manage these conditions and costs with an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan. Among those who have come to HSS for a second opinion, 38% received a recommendation for a different course of treatment.

Employee Education – HSS is the leading educator in the field of musculoskeletal health. In addition to training the world's best physicians and educating our patients, we can support your health management programs through our library of preventative health, wellness, and performance education content.

HSS EmployerConnect Benefits Employers

Reduce total musculoskeletal spend – Musculoskeletal disease is the largest single health care expenditure across all employers. We can partner together to impact the direct and indirect costs tied to these conditions.

Improve presenteeism – Among those who have come to HSS for a second opinion, 26% received a nonsurgical recommendation.1 While surgery benefits many people with orthopedic issues, it’s not right for all patients. Having the wrong procedure or undergoing an unnecessary surgery is not only bad for your employees’ health but is also incredibly costly for employers. HSS EmployerConnect provides a way to get in front of your employees earlier in the treatment process to ensure they are getting the most appropriate treatment and excellent care.

Steer to in-network providers – HSS EmployerConnect will direct your employees to in-network providers based on condition and other preferences and will assist with securing appointments to ensure that they are seen by high quality HSS providers.


1 HSS Internal Data Pilot, 2014–2015

HSS EmployerConnect Benefits Your Employees

Access to world-class care – HSS EmployerConnect provides streamlined access to the finest quality medical care so your employees and their dependents do not receive an inappropriate or inadequate procedure or treatment plan. This protects the health and quality of life of your employees.

Back to daily activities – Your employees lead busy lives, both inside and outside of work. HSS EmployerConnect puts HSS knowledge and expertise at your employees’ fingertips so they can get the care they need for their musculoskeletal health.

Why Partner with HSS

HSS is nationally ranked No. 1 in orthopedics (for the 10th consecutive year) and No. 3 in rheumatology by U.S.News & World Report (2019-2020).

Patient Experience – HSS helps patients from all walks of life, from all 50 states and more than 80 countries, get back to what they need and love to do – more reliably, efficiently, and happily.

Quality - With more accurate diagnosis and the ability to predict, measure and anticipate problems, both common and complex, HSS delivers unmatched quality and value, which ultimately results in lower total cost to employers.

  • Ranked #1 for both major orthopedic surgery and joint replacement, 2014 – 20161
  • Performs significantly better than the national average for hip/knee all-cause readmissions rate
  • Lower infection rates than the New York State average for hip replacement
  • 99.9th percentile nationally in major orthopedic surgery based on avoided complications2

Download this brochure to read more about the value of HSS EmployerConnect.

1 CareChex National Quality Rating Database, FY10–FY14
2 CareChex® — an information service of Quantros, Inc. FFY2012–FFY2014 MedPAR data, Medicare only


Contact HSS EmployerConnect

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about HSS EmployerConnect, please email employerconnect@hss.edu and a member of the team will respond to your inquiry. Download our brochure for information about how HSS can work with you to benefit your organization and your employees.