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Spiritual Wellness

Whether you and your family are Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, or have no religious affiliation, the Spiritual Care Department is available to give support and comfort.

The chapel at the Hospital for Special Surgery is open to all religious preferences. It is open 24/7 and can be used for prayer and meditation. Bibles (in English and Spanish), prayer books, and care notes are available. The chapel is located in the west wing of the 8th floor of the Hospital for Special Surgery Room West 862.

The chapel also has multi-faith calendars available listing all faiths and explaining all major religious holidays.

We hope to bring comfort and help to find meaning for patients, their loved ones and caregivers who are coping with the spiritual distress that accompanies illness and loss. We offer words of reflection, multifaith prayers and personal experiences about grieving.

Image: Spiritual Wellness