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Thrower's Performance Program

The Thrower’s Performance Program is designed for the throwing athlete at any level of competition with the goals of preventing and/or recovering from injury and achieving full performance potential. Our expert and in-depth program can detect throwing and pitching mechanics that may lead to injury while identifying factors the athlete can modify to improve velocity, control, and consistency.

Our Expert Team
Our expert team of physical therapists, certified strength and conditioning specialists, and exercise physiologists work together to provide the throwing athlete with a sport-specific musculoskeletal and performance assessment along with complex 2-D video analysis utilizing state-of-the-art Dartfish© software.

Designed for Throwers of All Ages and Abilities
The Thrower's Analysis Program is designed for throwers of all ages and abilities, including:

  • Professional baseball players 
  • Adult league players
  • High school and college level athletes
  • Youth baseball/softball and travel league players
  • Athletes that have been injured in the past or have
    experienced pain with throwing

Little League and adolescent throwers are susceptible to many of the same stresses on their arms as adult players. Often, injuries incurred at a young age may develop into more serious problems as the player matures. This program can offer players the tools they need to prevent or minimize these types of injuries.

Thrower's Analysis Program
This comprehensive analysis program includes:

  • Body composition analysis by skinfold measurement
  • Musculoskeletal evaluation by a physical therapist
  • Comprehensive Fitness Assessment by an exercise physiologist
  • Functional Movement Screen
  • 2-D Video analysis of throwing form using Dartfish© software
  • Comprehensive Results Package including interactive Dartfish© mediabook

Baseball-Specific Training Sessions
Strength and conditioning is critical to performance enhancement and injury prevention. Learn proper technique and progression in a personalized Baseball-Specific Strength and Conditioning training session. 30 or 60 minute sessions are available.

Please note that the athlete should not be experiencing pain when he or she begins this program. Athletes who are injured or are experiencing pain must obtain a letter of medical clearance from a physician before beginning the program.

Contact the HSS Thrower's Performance Program at 646.797.8005.