Tennis Performance Assessment

The Tennis Performance Assessment is designed to help competitive and recreational players prevent injuries and improve their performance. Our expert and in depth analysis can detect movement mechanics that have the potential for injury on the court, as well as identify important factors the athlete can modify to train more effectively and to improve their performance.

Participation Criteria

Participants must have no current injuries and be able to:
  • Sprint for 5-15 minutes at a time
  • Lift more than 10 lbs overhead
  • Jump on one leg
  • Perform high level movement activities with minimal pain or apprehension

The Tennis Performance Profile

The tennis performance profile is performed by a specially trained physical therapist and strength and conditioning specialist, and includes:
  • A musculoskeletal examination from head to toe, looking at what's tight, what's flexible, what's strong, and what's weak, as well as your overall body alignment
  • Functional testing to see how you use your muscles and look for movement patterns

After taking a look at your exam and functional testing, our experts will create a personal plan for you to work on any biomechanical issues the data may have found. You'll receive a 10-14 page summary highlighting everything that was discussed, with pictures of your movement patterns and strategies to play with more strength and efficiency.