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Alan Benezra, Boulder, CO   wrist surgery
Basically, Dr. Steve K. Lee saved my life as I now live it. I'm an avid cyclist, skier, and hiker. At age 61, I broke my wrist mountain biking in Boulder, Colorado. It was an awful break with an equally horrible second opinion telling me I didn't require surgery. By 12 weeks I knew something was terribly wrong. Luckily, I got an appointment with Dr. Lee in New York City for a consult. I travel to New York City three or four times a year for work and this was one of those times.

Dr. Lee immediately diagnosed my wrist as improper bone healing, ligament damage, deformation and suggested surgery either back in Colorado or with him. I realized rather quickly that there was only one doctor I could trust to fix me and that was Dr. Lee. I flew back to New York two weeks later for surgery. I am now two weeks post-op and my wrist is anatomically correct with minimal swelling. The pins will come out in three months and I'll have full mobility for next year's biking season. Dr. Lee did a scapholunate ligament repair, carpal tunnel release, bone graft to correct the distal radius and added plates to stabilize the reconstruction.

When I saw my wrist one week post-op, I cried. Dr. Lee put his arm around me and said he'd rather see tears of joy than tears of pain. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. No one could have done what he did for me. He explained everything to me in detail, even while in the hospital waiting for anesthesia. I don't think the word, "rush," is in his vocabulary. The office staff was incredible. If you need hand surgery, there is no other.

Alan Benezra hiking Mt. Sanitas at 3 weeks post op

Alan Benezra hiking Lake Jasper at 4 weeks post op

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