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Participating in sports and recreational activities provide physical and psychosocial health benefits that can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, these health benefits come with the risk of injury. Experts estimate that of the 213 million Americans (age six and older) who participate in sports and fitness activities each year, nearly 9 million will suffer a sports-related injury. Young athletes account for more than half of these injuries, most of which are musculoskeletal injuries of the lower and upper extremities.

The good news is that half of these injuries are preventable. Several million devastating injuries can be avoided each year by providing the information, training, tools and resources that help keep young athletes safe and healthy. In response to the rapid rise in youth sports injuries and lack of helpful educational resources, the HSS Sports Safety Program was established in 2015 with a generous donation from HSS Board member James Dinan and his wife, Elizabeth Miller, through the Dinan Family Foundation.

Meeting the Challenge of a Costly Epidemic

An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury can not only end an athlete’s sports season, it can leave lingering effects that last a lifetime. ACL injuries have seen a startling increase of more than 200% since 2005, with costs of surgery and rehabilitation surpassing 2.5 billion dollars each year. Even more alarming are the debilitating effects of osteoarthritis that can be seen within ten years of an injury. Our ACL Program is a unique, public health approach to ACL injury risk management.

Our education series offers pioneering education to ALL individuals directly responsible for the safety of young athletes, from coaches and teachers to parents and sports administrators. We’ve even created exciting programs designed specifically for young athletes themselves. HSS Sports Safety is the first program to offer free, highly effective education, tools, and resources to everyone that shares the responsibility of keeping children safe when playing sports.

The HSS Sports Safety team has made it our mission to be the most trusted sports safety education program in the world.

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