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Battle of the 'Burbs!

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Calling all Westchester Knicks and Long Island Nets fans, it's time to Battle for your 'Burb!

HSS is proud to introduce the Battle of the Burbs, a new competition between the Westchester Knicks and the Long Island Nets. Fans will face-off head-to-head both on and off the court competing for the ultimate prize of the Battle of the Burbs Trophy!




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Long Island Nets


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Throughout the season, keep an eye out for these Head-to-Head Battles:





Fitness Challenge



Equipment Drive



In-Arena On-Court Contests

20 (5 per contest x 2 contests x 2 games)


“Best of” Social Media Polls

25 (5 per poll x 5 polls)


Fitness Challenge

Team employees, HSS team physicians, team trainers, and team alumni will compete head-to-head in an Orangetheory spin class competition to determine which Burb is in better shape! The winning team will receive 5 points towards the competition.


Each team will host a sports equipment drive to collect equipment for charities in their respective communities. Whichever team collects the most items wins 5 points for their Burb!

On-Court Contests

During the games on February 9 at the Westchester County Center and March 16 at NYCB LIVE, home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, two on-court battles will take place at each game between a Westchester Knicks fan and a Long Island Nets fan. 5 points will be awarded to the winner of each contest for a total of 20 points!

“Best of” Social Media Polls

HSS social media pages will host five polls comparing popular topics that are hotly debated between Westchester and Long Island residents. Topics include: which Burb has better pizza, which Burb has better bagels, which Burb has the most famous celebrity, and more! Fans can go onto HSS social media pages to vote. Each poll will be worth 5 points!


The points will be tallied after the second game on Long Island. The winning team will be honored with a trophy next year at the first basketball game between the two teams!