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Hospital for Special Surgery formally recognizes the role that spiritual support can play in coping with and recovering from physical illness. The chaplaincy services at HSS, which includes professional, board certified chaplains, is an integral part of the healthcare team. The chaplains are here to serve you - to provide emotional and spiritual support for everyone whatever is their faith or beliefs.

Professional chaplains are experts at helping people facing life-changing or life-limiting situations to use their own beliefs, values, and resources to find comfort, meaning, and hope. Chaplains do not impose their own beliefs or values, but rather support persons of all faiths, beliefs, traditions, and cultures.

Sister Margaret Oettinger, OP, Director
Sister Margaret Oettinger, OP, Director


Father David Adiletta, Spiritual Care Team at HSS
Father David Adiletta
Chaplain Alice Kim, Spiritual Care Team at HSS
Chaplain Elaine Chan


Chaplain Margo Heda, Spiritual Care Team at HSS
Chaplain Margo Heda
Chaplain Margaret Tuttle, Spiritual Care Team at HSS
Chaplain Margaret Tuttle

Chaplains are always available to meet with families, patients, and staff concerning:

  • Bereavement counseling
  • A difficult diagnosis or prognosis
  • Feelings of fear, despair, guilt, courage, or mercy
  • Reconciliation of life experiences
  • Adjustment to physical limitations
  • Issues of faith and religion
  • The meaning of the illness process
  • Family and friends

HSS Chaplains are available - 24 hours a day, every day

  1. Monday – Friday 9am - 5pm, chaplain visit can be requested by calling 212.606.1757
    • Sister Margaret Oettinger - 4th Floor
    • Chaplain Elaine Chan - 5th & 11th Floors
    • Chaplain Margo Heda - 8th & 10th Floors
    • Chaplain Margaret Tuttle - 6th & 7th Floors
  2. After hours, call 212.606.1188 to page the on-call chaplain