• Physicians
  • Orthotists for bracing
  • Schroth certified physical therapists
  • Case manager for surgical candidates
  • Clinical Psychologist

The HSS Scoliosis Physical Therapy is a part of the HSS Scoliosis Service.

Our therapists teach the research based Schroth Method; not only teaching the exercise fundamentals of the method, but also teaching anatomy and medical terminology.

The patients and their families are empowered with a working knowledge to maximize appropriate Scoliosis interventions.

What do I need to make an appointment for Schroth Therapy?

  • An MD prescription stating Schroth Physical Therapy
  • A scoliosis X-ray series from your skull to pelvis. A normal back x-ray is not sufficient as it only captures one portion of the spine and we need to ensure there is not an compensatory curve in other areas of your spine.

What insurances do you take?

Hospital for Special Surgery accepts most insurances including Medicare. Your insurance may limit your physical therapy sessions based on your specific plan. Please call your insurance to find out about your coverage plan.

To schedule an appointment, please contact us at: 646.714.6850