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Banner image of a patient being helped out of bed by a nurse and walking down the hallway of the hospital using a walker.

Acute Care Service

The Acute Care Service team provides inpatient, short-term physical and/or occupational therapy for patients during their hospital stay, as well as ambulatory care for outpatient surgery. They are part of the team that provides pre-operative education for total joint replacement or spine surgery.




Preoperative Physical Therapy

One-on-one preoperative physical therapy (PT) education sessions are available at the Orthopedic Physical Therapy Center to individuals undergoing a hip or knee joint replacement surgery. During this preoperative PT education session you will spend one-on-one time with a physical therapist who specializes in joint replacement rehabilitation to learn and practice your surgeon specific post-surgical activities such as any applicable precautions, exercises, getting on and off a bed/chair/toilet, how to walk with a cane or walker, and negotiate stairs. In addition to the preoperative PT education session, we recommend that you review the appropriate surgery-specific rehabilitation guide several times in order to reinforce the information and optimize your preparedness for activity after surgery.

How do I schedule a preoperative PT visit?

  • Call your surgeon’s office to request a PT referral.
  • Call the Outpatient Physical Therapy Center at 212.606.1213 to schedule the appointment. We recommend you try to schedule it to be on the same day as your presurgical screening.

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