Social Work Programs

Peer Reviewed Articles

Our department members have shared their knowledge and clinical expertise with colleagues through published articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Adena Batterman, LCSW

  • Leff, L. and Batterman A. Patient Handout: Maintaining Mental and Physical Health. Am J Orthop. 2007;36(7S):11-14

Roberta Horton, LCSW, ACSW

  • Allegrante JP, Peterson MG, Cornell CN, MacKenzie CR, Robbins L, Horton R, Ganz SB, Ruchlin HS, Russo PW, Paget SA, Charlson ME. Methodological challenges of multiple-component intervention: lessons learned from a randomized controlled trial of functional recovery after hip fracture. HSS J. 2007 Feb:3(1): 63-70.
  • Harrison MJ, Morris KA, Horton R, Toglia J, Barsky J, Chait S, Ravdin LD, Robbins L. Results of an intervention for lupus patients with self-perceived cognitive difficulties. Neurology. 2005 65 (8): 1325-27.
  • Horton R, Peterson MG, Powell S, Engelhard E, Paget SA. Users evaluate LupusLine, a telephone peer counseling service. Arthritis Care Res. 1997 Aug: 10(4): 257-63.
  • Horton R, Peterson, MG, Phernetton C, Frank K, Kagen LJ. A brief educational intervention for patients with rheumatic disease chosen to be presented in a clinic conference. Clinical Performance and Quality Care. 1995: 3(4).
  • Peterson MG, Horton R, Engelhard E, Lockshin MD, Abramson T. Effect of counselor training on skills development and psychosocial status of volunteers with systemic lupus erythematosus. Arthritis Care Res. 1993 Mar: 6(1): 38-44.