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My Healthy Recipe Form

Submit your healthy, tasty recipe in the spaces provided below. Don't forget to tell us where you got the recipe from, all of the ingredients needed to prepare the recipe and cooking/preparation instructions from A to Z!!!

Child's First Name:
Parent/Guardian's First Name:
Name of Recipe:
What is the country of origin of your recipe? (if applicable)
Tell us about this recipe: Why is this recipe your favorite?
Is it a family recipe?
Did you make it up yourself?
Did you find it in a cookbook?
My recipe should be eaten as: Breakfast

The ingredients in my recipe are:
The utensils I used to make my recipe:
This is how to cook my recipe:
My recipe includes the following healthy SNEAKER ingredient(s) or healthy tips (check all that apply)
Fiber or whole grains
Portion control (i.e., not SUPERSIZING)
Low in sugar
Other: My recipe is healthy because:

Note: Two or more SNEAKER ingredients or healthy tips in your recipe may make it healthier!
Example: Whole Wheat Cheese Pita Pizza (1 pita/person) is a healthy recipe because it includes 3 healthy ingredients/tips: Calcium, Whold Grains, and Portion control.

My recipe takes this long to prepare (minutes/hours):
My recipe takes this long to cook (minutes/hours):
My recipe can feed this many people:

Please Note: Your recipe may be published as part of a SNEAKER cookbook (including an internet version of the cookbook), full of healthy recipes by kids, for kids. Your submission of this recipe gives Hospital for Special Surgery's Education Division permission to publish your recipe.

SNEAKER is a program sponsored by the Indirect Vitamins Purchasers Antitrust Litigation Settlement administered by the New York State Attorney General.

Questions? Contact:
Hospital for Special Surgery
Education Division