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SNEAKER Program Impact

SNEAKER has had a significant impact on the community it serves.

SNEAKER video clip from NY1

Program evaluations completed by over 120 NYC public school students who participated in the program have demonstrated statistically significant improvements in knowledge based pre/post and three-month follow-up scores on a battery of lesson-based questions.

In particular, knowledge gains were found with regard to number of daily fruit servings, ways to add whole grains to one’s diet, portion control, healthier dairy and snack options, examples of lean protein, and healthy ways to be physically active. Important behavior changes such as increased consumption of fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, and whole grain foods, and reduced consumption of whole milk were also observed.

In addition, children indicated that they spent less time participating in sedentary activities (i.e., watching television) and more time being physically active on an average school day.

Qualitative results have also demonstrated anecdotal evidence of knowledge gain and positive behavioral changes in notable comments such as:

  • "Frying is bad but baking and grilling is good."
  • "I made the recipe we learned last week for my grandma; she loved how healthy it was and that it had fiber."
  • "I now make sure that my little brother does not spend too much time watching cartoons and exercises more often."

For more information, please contact:

Claudia Zurlini
Senior Coordinator
Public & Patient Education
zurlinic@hss.edu or 212.606.1613