Choosing Whole Grain and Fiber-rich Foods

Helpful Hints

1st: The color of a food does not mean it is made with whole grains, for example a dark color is no guarantee that a food is made from whole grains. Some foods are made with burnt sugar or molasses to make them look darker and seem healthier, but actually are low in fiber and extremely high in calorie.

Food Labels Can Help You Get More Whole Grains

Look for these foods on your nutrition labels!

Whole Wheat Whole Rye
Whole Cornmeal Bulgar
Whole Oats Whole Barley
Graham Flour Brown Rice


Comparison of High Fiber Foods to Low Fiber Foods

High Fiber Low Fiber
Fresh fruit with skin Canned fruit or juice
Fresh vegetables or
frozen vegetables
Canned vegetables
Raisins Chocolate chips
Lentil or split pea soup Cream of tomato soup
Frosted Mini Wheats Apple Jacks or
Fruity Pebbles
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SNEAKER Choosing Whole Grain and Fiber-Rich Foods

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