Calcium & Vitamin D

Why is Calcium Important?

  • Helps makes your bones strong
  • Helps your bones grow to their full you can grow as tall as possible
  • Reduces risk of broken bones
  • Helps make teeth strong

Why is Vitamin D Important?

  • Vitamin D plays an important roll in role in protecting your bones
  • Your body requires vitaminD to absorb calcium
  • Children need vitamin D to build strong and healthy bones
  • Adults need vitamin D to keep bones strong and healthy

Examples of Foods with Calcium

Dairy Foods Non-dairy Fortified Foods
milk, fat-free (skim) or low-fat (1%); (regular or flavored) canned salmon (with bones)
yogurt white beans, boiled or cooked
cheese, 5 grams of fat or less per ounce broccoli or bok choy (Chinese cabbage)
cottage cheese orange juice (with calcium)
frozen yogurt calcium fortified cereal
soy milk (with calcium)

Examples of Food with Vitamin D

Non-Dairy & Fortified Foods
milk (fortified with vitamin D)
shitake mushrooms

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