Daily Recommendations

Calcium Recommendations

Age (years) Calcium (mg/day)
1-3 500 mg
4-8 800 mg
 9-18 1300 mg 
 19-50 1000 mg 
 51 or older 1200 mg 

Vitamin D Recommendations

 Age (years)  Calcium (mg/day)
 Below 50  400-800 IU/day
 50 or older  800-1000 IU/day

Reading Food Labels...How Do I Know How Much Calcium I am Eating?

% Daily Value listed on food labels: 100% of Daily Value=1,000mg

Two easy ways to keep track of daily calcium intake:

For milligrams: Add a "zero" to the end of the Daily Value number to equal the Daily Value in milligrams

For % of Daily Values: Add Calcium % Daily Values to reach recommended level for age group

Food Labels and Calcium:

CALCIUM-FORTIFIED or CALCIUM ENRICHED food has 10% or more of calcium daily value added

20% or more of the calcium Daily Value (200 mg or more) is an EXCELLENT SOURCE of calcium

10% or more of the calcium Daily Value (100 to 190 mg) is a GOOD SOURCE of calcium

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