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SLE Workshop

SLE Workshop Services

What to Expect from The SLE Workshop

During the first hour, a guest speaker addresses a topic of interest to the members. Topics can range from treatment and medications, to fatigue, lupus symptoms, bone health, physical therapy, depression, and managing stress.

For the second hour, there is an open discussion to share thoughts and feelings about the topic, or other related concerns.

For New Members

Before joining the group, please contact us at 212.774.7654 for a telephone interview. You will have the opportunity to "meet" the program coordinator over the phone. You’ll learn more about the workshop, and we’ll have a chance to learn more about you so we can best meet your needs.

In Addition to the Group

Once you become a member of the Workshop, you will receive monthly mailings. These mailings include a flyer describing the month’s topic and guest speaker. There is also a special one-page newsletter, with content relevant to members. You will also have access to the group coordinator who can provide information and referrals about lupus-related support and services.

SLE Workshop Summaries

Not everyone can join us in person. Each year, summaries of selected workshop presentations are published online. You can review and access these at any time.


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