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SLE Workshop

SLE Workshop - About Us

Living with systemic lupus erythematosis (SLE), a complex illness, can present many challenges. Lupus affects everyone differently. For example;

  • You may look fine, but at times experience fatigue, pain, or symptoms that are hard to predict. 
  • You will be working closely with your doctor and health care team to understand and make informed choices about treatment.
  • Keeping up with the usual things you would like to do at home, at work, or socially may be hard at times. 
  • Your mood and feelings about yourself and others may be affected by these changes, by lupus itself, or by treatment side-effects.   
  • Even close family members may have a tough time relating to the impact of your illness in a way that offers consistent comfort.

The SLE Workshop has been inspired since 1985 by the desire of people living with lupus to learn more about the illness and its treatment. Lupus experts speak on a range of topics, including medications and research.

Through sharing personal experiences of coping, the members also provide essential support to each other.