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Runner's Performance Program

The Runner’s Performance Program is designed for runners and multisport athletes of all ages and skill levels with the goals of injury prevention and performance enhancement. Our expert and in depth analysis can detect running mechanics that have the potential for injury, as well as identify important factors the athlete can modify to train more effectively and to improve running performance.

Our Expert Team

Our expert team of physical therapists, certified strength and conditioning specialists, registered clinical exercise physiologist, registered nurse, USATF Level I coaches, and USAT Level I triathlon coach work together to provide the running athlete with sport specific musculoskeletal and performance assessments along with complex 2-D video analysis utilizing state-of-the-art Dartfish© software.

Designed for Runners of All Ages and Abilities

The Runner’s Analysis Program is designed for runners of all ages and abilities including:

  • The running athlete who has a desire to increase his or her knowledge about the art and science of running  
  • Biathletes or triathletes looking to gain a competitive edge
  • Runners that have been injured in the past or have experienced pain with running

Running Mechanics Profile

The Running Mechanics Profile is a full assessment of how you run. Your profile includes:

  • A musculoskeletal examination from head to toe, looking at what's tight, what's flexible, what's strong, and what's weak, as well as your overall body alignment
  • Functional testing to see how you use your muscles and look for running patterns 
  • Dartfish© 2-D video analysis of your running form from the front, side, and the back to get a complete picture of how you run

After taking a look at your exam, functional testing, and running results, the therapist and/or coach will create your personal plan on how to work on any biomechanical issues the data may have found. You'll receive a 10-14 page summary highlighting everything that was discussed, with pictures of your running patterns and strategies to run with more strength and efficiency.

Testing Services

Get a full metabolic profile and you'll have all of the key information needed for an individualized training plan. Physiological Testing is done using a Parvo Medics True One metabolic cart, the gold standard in metabolic testing.

VO2 Max (aka Maximum Oxygen Consumption or Aerobic Capacity) is a measure of the maximum amount of oxygen your body can take in and use for physical work. VO2 Max is an important indicator of your ability to perform vigorous physical activity. Your maximum oxygen consumption has a large genetic component but may be increased by certain types of training.

Lactate Profile - Lactate is an important marker for your tolerance for high intensity exercise. Your lactate level is determined by small fingerstick blood samples at each stage of exercise (either on a bike or treadmill) of gradually increasing intensity. Your lactate profile will be correlated with your heart rate, rate of perceived exertion (RPE), cadence and speed or power at each stage of exercise.

The Efficiency Profile will measure how many calories you burn at a given pace as well as percentages of carbohydrates and fats being used. You will also learn your individual “cost” in terms of oxygen to work at a given pace. This data will help determine whether your current form is efficient as well as help you identify training and nutritional strategies to meet your energy needs and maximize your metabolic efficiency.

M.E.L.T. Hand and Foot Program - MELT is an exciting new method of restoring the optimal integrity of the connective tissue. Daily wear and tear combined with pounding on your feet for miles can compress the layers of tissue in the hands and feet. An Advanced MELT Practitioner will teach you this simple but effective technique for self myofascial release.


Please note that these services may not be appropriate for athletes who are injured. If you are experiencing pain, contact one of our Performance Specialists before an appointment.


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