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Additional Hospital Services


To help you plan for discharge and home recovery, the hospital’s Case Management department is available at your request. A case manager is also available to you prior to surgery to address any concerns you may have about your discharge from the hospital. The case manager will review the alternatives available to you based on your medical condition, home and healthcare needs, care arrangements you have already made, geographic location, insurance coverage, and financial situation. The hospital’s Case Management Department may be contacted at (212) 606-1271.


HSS formally recognizes the role that spiritual support can play in coping with and recovering from surgery. To help meet your spiritual and emotional needs, HSS provides a chaplaincy service as an integral part of the healthcare team. The chaplains are here to serve you, your family, and/or guest which can provide pastoral support for any faith. Please call (212) 606-1757 to contact the Pastoral Care Office.


If you wish to have a private nurse during your hospital stay, the hospital can arrange this service for you. Please call (212) 744-7187 to make private nursing arrangements.


The Food and Nutrition department coordinates all aspects of your nutritional care and provides attractive, nutritious meals made with high quality ingredients. In addition, we strive to offer a variety of menus to meet your preferences and needs. Menu options include vegetarian, heart-healthy, sodium-restricted, diabetic, gluten-free and Kosher diets. Nutritional supplements are available upon request. Please call (212) 774-7638 for more information.