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Things to Bring to the Hospital

A Checklist for an Average 24- to 48-hour Stay

  • A legal picture identification (i.e., driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, social security card, green card/permanent resident card, military i.d.)
  • Your hospitalization insurance and prescription cards
  • X-rays or laboratory reports (if instructed by the staff)
  • A cane, if you use one, for your therapist to evaluate
  • Your completed Health Care Proxy form
  • Paperwork, including consent forms, sent to you by your surgeon. Also bring a list of your current medications with dosages, and medical information from your physician.
  • Your full printed copy of this manual – Your Pathway to Recovery: A Patient’s Guide to Total Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Non-slip, flat, supportive athletic or walking shoes
  • Personal toiletries
  • A small amount of money for newspapers
  • One credit card for TV, telephone rental, or to purchase necessary medical equipment
  • A book, magazine, or hobby item to occupy time
  • Eyeglasses, NOT contact lenses

Please Do Not Bring

  • Medication (unless instructed by your medical doctor or HSS pharmacy representative, as HSS may not stock specific brands of medications)
  • Valuables (except those mentioned above)
  • Jewelry