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Things to Bring to the Hospital

A Checklist for an Average 24- to 48-Hour Stay

A legal picture identification (driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, social security card, green card/permanent resident card, military ID). A copy is acceptable.
Your hospitalization insurance card
X-rays or laboratory reports (if instructed by the staff)
Any assistive device you use (eg, cane, walker)
Your completed Health Care Proxy form
Paperwork, including consent forms, sent to you by your surgeon. Also bring a list of your current medications with dosages and medical information from your physician.
Your full printed copy of this manual – Your Pathway to Recovery: A Patient's Guide to Total Joint Replacement Surgery (Hip and Knee)
Nonslip, flat, closed toe, joint-supportive athletic or walking shoes
Personal toiletries
A small amount of money for newspapers or other incidentals
One credit card to purchase necessary medical equipment, or for transportation services
A book, magazine, or hobby item to occupy time
Please remove contacts and wear eye glasses

Please Do Not Bring

  • Medications, including narcotic substances (unless instructed by your HSS pharmacist). Self-medication during your Hospital stay is prohibited. It may lead to unsafe conditions like overdoses and/or drug interactions.
  • Valuables (except those mentioned above)
  • Jewelry: Remove and leave at home all piercings and jewelry, including wedding rings to ensure your safety during your Hospital stay. Otherwise, see a jeweler for assistance for removal if needed.