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Riding in First Class: Regaining Mobility After a Pelvic Fracture

In December 2004, David Sandrew was in town from Massachusetts for a business event. While walking across 25th Street at Park Ave., in Manhattan, he was struck from behind by a town car and was tossed over the hood, landing in the middle of the crosswalk.

He was taken to a nearby hospital and put in traction. When Mr. Sandrew’s wife, a physician, was apprised of her husband’s condition, she immediately set out to find him the best medical care available. She was referred to Hospital for Special Surgery and was introduced to Charles N. Cornell, MD, clinical director of Orthopedic Surgery.

According to Mr. Sandrew, his wife asked friends in the medical community and was told that Dr. Cornell and his colleagues were world-renowned and that her husband would receive outstanding treatment at HSS.

Mr. Sandrew suffered an open book pelvic fracture, in which the bones of the pelvis split apart as if on a hinge. Dr. Cornell repaired the injury by surgically inserting a titanium plate to hold the bones together. After a short period of bed rest, Dr. Cornell coached Mr. Sandrew through a physical therapy regimen which lasted nine months.

Today, Mr Sandrew’s mobility is back to normal; he has run several 10K’s and biked over 100 miles in a single day. A financial services professional and the father of three young children, he says that people are shocked to learn he was hit by a car just a few years ago.

Mr. Sandrew was very impressed not only with Dr. Cornell but with every aspect of the treatment he received at Special Surgery.

“There is an unsurpassed level of care and professionalism,” he says. “Across the board, the physicians, nurses and ancillary staff all have top-notch credentials and experience. Everyone inspired in me the confidence that all the details of my treatment were being attended to, so I could focus on healing and moving forward.”

Mr. Sandrew says that he chose to support Hospital for Special Surgery because he wants to help others have the same experience at HSS that he had. “When you are at HSS, you feel like you are riding in first class – you just don’t get that treatment at other hospitals in the city.”

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David Sandrew