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Right Hip Resurfacing

Your doctor will most likely recommend continued physical therapy (PT) after your discharge from the hospital. There are a few ways to go about that: 

Home(care) PT

A physical therapist comes to your home a few times each week to provide your therapy, commonly through a certified home care agency.

In this option, the Case Manager who meets with you after surgery will make your home care arrangements through the agency serving your neighborhood. For more information prior to surgery call 212-606-1271. For issues regarding home PT after you’re discharged, call 212-606-1666.

Outpatient PT

Once you’ve gone home, you will travel a few times a week to a therapy facility for all of your rehabilitation appointments. You will need a prescription from your surgeon to receive outpatient PT.

If you don’t already have a therapist in mind, you have the option of making your appointments at an HSS outpatient location. You can also contact the HSS Rehabilitation Network, a resource of qualified outpatient therapy facilities recommended by HSS. For more information about the HSS Rehabilitation Network, please call 212.606.1317.