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Soft Tissue and Spine Regeneration

Helping the body to heal itself

Injuries and degeneration of musculoskeletal tissues, such as ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and intervertebral discs can seriously impair mobility and lead to the early onset and progression of arthritis. Scientists in this area are focused on alleviating the short- and long-term effects of these painful conditions through research aimed at understanding the biological and mechanical mechanisms of damage, preventing the degradative processes, stimulating the body to repair itself by regenerating new tissue, and replacing damaged tissue with biomaterials or cells and tissue grown outside the body.

Orthopedic Soft Tissue Research Program
Orthopedic Soft Tissue Research Program
- Suzanne Maher, PhD, Scott Rodeo, MD, Directors

The Orthopedic Soft Tissue Research Program's goal is to determine the biological, biochemical, bimolecular and biomechanical mechanisms responsible for development, damage, degeneration and healing of the musculoskeletal tissues, cartilage, meniscus, ligaments and tendons, and to use this information to develop new cell and tissue based strategies to prevent, repair, regenerate or replace the injured tissues.