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Discoveries to Improve Lives


Healthcare Research Institute

Using the past to improve the future

The Hospital’s Healthcare Research Institute (HRI) investigates the effectiveness of care of patients with musculoskeletal conditions with the goal of continually improving outcomes. The HRI will leverage the enormous breadth of clinical information available at HSS – where nearly 30,000 surgeries were conducted and more than 120,000 patients were served last year – to translate information about outcomes into better treatments for patients now and in the future.


Stephen Lyman, PhD, Director

The Healthcare Research Institute’s researchers use a variety of techniques, including comparative effectiveness analysis, clinical trials, epidemiology, and translational research, to answer research questions that arise from within HSS as well as from independent clinical decision makers, health care providers, health care insurers, and health systems.

The research performed in the Institute will result in information that will:

  • Enable patients and physicians to make informed decisions based on clinical and functional outcomes, patient-reported quality of life, and cost
  • Improve patient safety, satisfaction, and quality of care
  • Evaluate reimbursement policies for providers
  • Compare medical interventions, including drugs, devices, biologics, and combination products, based on their effectiveness
  • Explore the use of regional “centers of excellence” to improve patient outcomes and address disparities in health care access.