Motion Analysis Lab

What is Motion Analysis?

Motion analysis is a technique which allows clinicians to quantify human movement patterns. It combines an examination of an individual’s physical structure with measurements of their function during activity.

Our clinical testing typically quantifies an individual’s ability to walk. However, since changes in movement patterns are seen during other activities, such as throwing, running, and jumping, research projects are underway to examine these advanced skills. Current and past studies assessed motions during pitching, football throwing, golf club swinging, running, kicking, dart throwing, sit-to-stand, and stair climbing.

Individuals seek motion analysis when additional expert knowledge is needed to plan both non-surgical and surgical treatments. Motion analysis provides a quantitative perspective that may not otherwise be easily measured.

We recommend that you discuss with your healthcare provider to determine if the addition of a motion analysis test at the Leon Root, M.D. Motion Analysis Laboratory would benefit your treatment plan. If you have questions, please have your healthcare provider contact us at 212.606.1215.



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