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photo of Chelsea Long, MS, CSCS, TPI

Chelsea Long, MS, CSCS, TPI

Exercise Physiology

About Chelsea Long

Chelsea Long is an exercise physiologist at Hospital for Special Surgery's Tisch Sports Performance Center as well as HSS Sports Rehabilitation and Performance – West Side. She graduated from Georgian Court University with a bachelor's in Exercise Science and then received her master's in Exercise Physiology from Adelphi University. In addition to her degree, Chelsea is a NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist.

Having been an avid softball player her whole life and spending 4 years as a collegiate softball player, Chelsea believes that sports performance can be applied to anyone who has a fitness goal. Chelsea has been practicing that philosophy since 2012, melding research and clinical knowledge with injury prevention and performance enhancement techniques for clients of all ages and ability levels. With experience in strength and agility training, youth sports performance, group exercise classes and personal training, Chelsea tailors her training plans to maximize results safely and effectively. The primary goal for Chelsea’s programming is to get her clients back to what they love to do- whether that is competitive sports, recreational sports, weekend adventures, 5k’s or being able to get on the floor and play with grandkids. Injury prevention and performance enhancement for everyday life is how we keep our bodies primed for all the activities we love to do!


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