Rehabilitation Network

HSS Rehabilitation Network Patient FAQ

Q: Can you use the Network even if you are not a patient at Hospital for Special Surgery?

A: Yes, services of Rehabilitation Network members services are open to everyone. Staff at the Network's main office are available at 212.606.1317, to assist anyone in finding a therapist appropriate for his or her needs. 

Q: Which of these practices is the most suitable for me?

A: While all Network facilities must meet HSS' standards for membership, each practice is a little different. There are a number of ways to find the most suitable Network practice for you. In addition to the complete list of Network facilities, there is a user-friendly search feature on our website's home page, where you can look up practices by name, location, or specialty. The website also has an individual description for each Network facility. For more detailed information, you can contact the Network main office at 212.606.1317 and we’ll gladly assist you in your selection. Of course you are also welcome to call any practice you’re considering directly. . For more detailed information, contact us at 212.606.1317 and we’ll gladly assist you in your selection. Of course you are also welcome to call a practice you’re considering directly.

Q: How do I know which of these practices accepts my insurance?

A:In many cases, practices' individual descriptions contain information on the insurance plans they accept. You can also call us at 212.606.1317 and we will try to direct you to a Network practice that accepts your insurance. However, coverage changes frequently; so you will need to verify that the practice accepts your particular insurance when you call to set up your initial appointment.

Q: There’s a therapy practice in my neighborhood, how do I know whether or not it’s a part of your Network?

A: Only those practices listed on our webpage are Network members.  Network practices have a plaque in their office identifying them as participating members. While the Network staff gladly offers personal assistance in selecting a practice within our membership, we are unable to provide information on therapy practices outside of our Network. You are free to use any therapist of your choosing; you are not required to use a Network therapist.

Q:There aren't any facilities on your list in my area. How can I find a good therapy practice in my community?

A: While the Network covers a large area, it's not possible to have a member facility in every community. The best sources for recommendations are friends, family or colleagues who may have used a therapist in the area and been happy with their care. Sometimes your HSS orthopedist or local personal physician can suggest someone who isn't part of the Network.