Rehabilitation Network

About the Rehabilitation Network

Q: What is the HSS Rehabilitation Network?

A: The HSS Rehabilitation Network is a hospital-based network of recommended rehabilitation providers. The Network is a community focused, patient driven referral service for the continuation of outpatient therapy, addressing the needs of patients who cannot utilize the Hospital for their rehabilitation. With a growing membership of over 150 practices throughout the Tri-State area and in Palm Beach County, Florida, the Network aims to provide patients with access to the highest level of rehabilitative care where it’s most convenient, close to their home or place of business.

Q: How are the practices within the Rehabilitation Network associated with Hospital for Special Surgery?

A: The HSS Rehabilitation Network works with community based physical therapy practices in order to offer patients the highest level of ongoing care in their area.  Each member of our Network is independently owned and operated; none of our member’s practices are owned or operated by the hospital, and our Network members are not employees of HSS.

Q: What criteria are met by these practices in order to become Network members?

A: Network members are selected on the basis of their credentials and facilities through an application process. Our membership criteria was designed with the patient in mind, to ensure both quality and continuity of care. Such factors as scope of service and clinical experience are carefully considered.

Q: Once a practice is accepted into the Network, are they ever reevaluated to ensure that the standards are being maintained?

A: Yes, to ensure that members uphold a consistent level of quality, each member’s practice is revisited every 18 months by an HSS site visit surveyor.